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fashion is long overdue a revolution.


it is socially damaging, unsustainable, with high production costs and the gated access is sucking the industry dry of its creative allure.


digital fashion - defined as any garment created in the digital realm - poses a solution. with gravityless programmable dressing, anyone, anywhere can have access with little more than the cost of a computer.


and this revolution is starting to take hold...


4.5 billion of us engage with social media. & as of 2022 3.4 billion of us are gamers. where once digital clothing was reserved for Sims, brands (ranging from Burberry to Balenciaga) are integrating online outfits into their repetoire.


  • IRL - in real life -in the physical world

  • ORL - on real life - on social media

  • URL - un real life - in the increasing array of digital spaces


This Outfit Does Not Exist is your guide to this digital revolution. giving you insights images of what our digitally fashioned future will hold.

- Dani

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